Women And Investing

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Divorced women declare financial independence

Selling an engagement ring can jump-start savings.


Sallie Krawcheck wants women to take control of their money

The former wealth management executive now running robo adviser Ellevest says women need to invest as much as men do.


Where to find women financial adviser candidates

Plancorp looks beyond financial degrees to recruit females with broad experience.


Women to Watch: Help us find the next generation of female leaders

Nominations are open, and your participation can play into the bigger picture of advancing our industry.


Kara Murphy appointed chief investment officer at United Capital

She joins the roster of the few female c-suite executives in the financial advice space.


Women advisers driving revenue growth

New research uncovers the 'female effect' in the advisory business.


Iconiq fires executive after 30-year-old sexual assault charge comes to light

As #MeToo movement rages, big investors are taking deeper look at who handles their money.


Want to boost diversity of advisers and clients? Begin with the business case

Women and men have roles to play in helping to increase diversity of the industry's advisers and clients.


Her road to financial advice was paved by her Vietnamese parents

Phuong Luong 'went into this field so that other people wouldn't have the financial stress my family had.'


Pimco rejects claims in discrimination suit filed by executive

Fund company says Stacy Schaus was paid well, but was an 'ineffective' manager.


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