Women And Investing

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Female advisers more likely to consider ESG investing strategies

Use of ESG investments is increasing year over year, and women show the highest levels of interest and understanding of their benefits


From the C suite with Advisor Group’s Valerie Brown: Everyone must contribute

The executive chairwoman expects staff at every level to 'show up,' and thinks diverse opinions lead to better results.


Why wealth management needs more women

Helping clients solve problems requires a level of empathy that's innate for most women.


Adviser suffers the challenge of being a disabled woman on Wall Street

Adviser survives cancer but loses her job in financial services.


Advisers draw inspiration from women who ran for Congress

Seeing women break through barriers in politics is encouraging to those in other male-dominated fields.


Kara Stein: Recent gains in female leadership aren’t enough

SEC commissioner says we've come a long way, but until we fully utilize the potential of half the population, we'll lose out on innovation and growth.


Hester Peirce: All women do not speak with the same voice, and SEC commissioners are no different

A history of decisions by female members of the Securities and Exchange Commission demonstrates that women bring multiple perspectives to their roles.


Peggy Ruhlin on steps advice firms can take to improve the female famine

CEO and 2017 Alexandra Armstrong Award winner says it doesn't have to be difficult to make a difference.


How to be a mentor

Mentoring and sponsoring others is our responsibility, but establishing a relationship with a mentee takes thoughtfulness and time.


Wells Fargo reportedly ends investigation of gender bias in wealth management unit

Wealth management head Jay Welker, a focus of many complaints, announced plans to retire on Tuesday


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