Variable Annuities

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Finra fines Prudential $1M over sloppy retirement-plan information

Regulator says flawed communications left plan participants in dark about investment costs


It’s 2020, and the chase for big commissions is back

The financial advice industry is priming the pump to increase sales of high-commission products


What’s driving growth in the fixed indexed annuity market?

As consumers began to put more weight on preserving their retirement assets than growing them, fixed indexed annuity sales picked up.


Jackson National to reintroduce fee-based annuities in New York

The No. 2 seller of annuity products was reassured by new guidance issued by New York regulators.


Lincoln, other insurers likely to backtrack on New York annuity pullback

New York regulators issued new guidance that puts the industry at ease.


Lincoln, Penn Mutual pull insurance products from New York in wake of best-interest rule

The departures follow the news that Jackson National halted sales of some products in the state.


Headwinds to annuities in 401(k) plans persist

Legal and administrative challenges have stalled uptake by plan sponsors.


Jackson National suspends fee-based annuity sales in New York due to best-interest rule

Others insurers are also poised to pull out of the New York market given the tougher sales standards.


Variable, indexed annuities may cost more than you think

This detail could catch clients off guard when they surrender or exchange a policy.


Cost to play bigger role in investment recommendations

Large firms are well-situated to comply with the cost standards in the SEC's Reg BI given changes they made to prepare for the DOL fiduciary rule.


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