Private Equity Funds

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M&A in the RIA space rides to another record year

Access to capital and a flood of quality buyers are seen as driving the trend


Private equity money finds new entry point to wealth management

PR firm Gregory FCA sells minority stake to private equity investors


Private-equity firm acquires stake in Mercer Advisors

Genstar will remain an investor and partner in Mercer.


Advisor Group new bonus program falls short for some advisers

Some of the broker-dealer networks 7,000 advisers are underwhelmed by offer.


Opening an IRA just for alternative investments

Platform leverages the SEC's crowd-funding regulations to give all investors access to alternatives.


Advisor Group acquisition financed by debt rated ‘junk’ by S&P

High levels of debt could be impacted by declining interest rates, the debt rating firm says.


Advisers may not be equipped to help clients navigate private markets

As SEC moves toward easing rules on unregistered securities, advisers could become gatekeepers.


GPB adds class action lawsuit to list of woes

Private placement firm's latest hurdle stems from the lack of financial reporting.


Lightyear sells Wealth Enhancement Group to TA Associates

Don Marron and the $11.8 billion RIA ride the wave of private-equity ownership.


A crisis of confidence surrounds GPB Capital

The latest setback is a lawsuit from an auto dealer who sold a majority stake in his company to GPB and accuses the firm of 'a massive securities fraud.'


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