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The hedger’s opportunity

Using hedged positions can protect clients' portfolios if the market goes south.


Equity index put writing: A strategy for uncertain markets

This approach can help clients stay invested while limiting their exposure to volatility or downdrafts.


Bitcoin futures debut with 26% rally

Cboe temporarily halts trading twice to calm market, as initial volume exceeds dealers' expectations.


How options can play a role in portfolios

It is important to analyze each strategy separately based upon their unique characteristics.


Why portfolios are not one-size-fits-all

 What is Vanguard’s best thinking regarding portfolio construction? http://www.investmentnews.com/assets/graphics src=”content/uploads/2017/06/CI11066366.GIF” Daniel Wallace  I am often…


Commodity funds a tough sell, while managed futures hold out some hope

Commodity funds have lost an average 8.7% a year over the past five years.


Hedge funds take the ‘short’ out of long-short strategy

Many hedge funds have decided to toss the short side of their strategy and stick with the long side to avoid getting singed in a hot market.


Wall Street figuring out how to hedge against a Donald Trump presidency

Breakfast with Benjamin Wall Street investors are working on how to position their portfolios for a potential Donald Trump presidency.


Energy funds iPath, VanEck and Highland soar as oil rebounds above $50 a barrel

The best performing fund was iPath's exchange-traded note (OIL), which pumped out a cumulative 81.9% gain.


Hillary Clinton ups the ante with new plans to tax the rich

Breakfast with Benjamin The presidential hopeful's new “Fair Share Surcharge” to tax the wealthiest Americans would raise $150 billion over 10 years.


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