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Vanguard eliminates trading fees for stocks and options

The move brings the low-cost asset manager up to speed with the likes of Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and ETrade


Are 401(k) advice fees headed to zero?

Vanguard's low-cost digital-only planning and investing tool will undercut many target-date funds and managed accounts.


Capital Group, bastion of active management, rebounds to $1.9 trillion

American Funds sponsor still faces uncertain future as investors flock to low-cost, passive investing.


American Funds, Empower forge partnership on 401(k) managed accounts

Deal could benefit American Funds by providing more asset retention and increased exposure among plan sponsors.


Latest price-war salvo pegs fees to low-risk performance

Dallas-based asset manager road tests a fee model that might be too complex for some investors to grasp.


401(k) managed accounts becoming more diverse

Empower's new product lets advisers select the underlying investments.


Fidelity ramps up 401(k) managed account distribution

Company plans to bypass record keepers and ask plan sponsors directly if they will offer its managed accounts to retirement plan participants.


Fidelity adds more financial planning to its 401(k) managed accounts

Observers say that advisers delivering financial wellness programs to 401(k) plans should take note.


Goldman Sachs poses new threat to active mutual fund managers

Firm has created the ETF equivalent of a killer cyborg fund.


Those in managed accounts, target-date funds get better returns than DIY investors

'Professionals pretty much everywhere will probably outperform amateurs.'


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