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Time to check under the hood of that index fund

Here's one more reason to avoid picking a fund based on past performance


5 misimpressions drive baseless warnings for mutual fund industry

Mutual fund industry tipping point spurs fear mongering about its supposed implications.

  • ESG
  • July 9, 2019

World bond index adds climate-risk screen

U.S. takes the biggest hit when the index of government bonds is weighted by climate risk factors.


Active managers putting pressure on index funds

Nearly half of all large-cap active funds are beating the benchmark this year.


Tapping into the anomaly of low-volatility investing

Such strategies challenge the principles of risk and reward.


Price war expands as Fidelity cuts fees for target-date funds

Total net expenses for 21 of firm's 22 index funds will be lower than that of similar Vanguard Group products.


Vanguard share of target-date fund market becoming ‘obscene’

The fund giant has ridden the wave of investors seeking lower costs, primarily as a result of retirement-plan lawsuits.


Advisers defend active investment management on Capitol Hill

Investment Adviser Association works to preempt bias toward passive funds in retirement legislation.


Investors pour money into ETF ahead of index reorganization

Impending change benefits State Street's communications exchange-traded fund.


Fidelity sees two zero-fee index funds rake in almost $1 billion in first month

The Fidelity Zero Total Market Index Fund attracted $753.5 million, while the Fidelity Zero International Index Fund drew in $234.2 million.


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