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It’s do-over season for Medicare Advantage plans

Members can switch health and drug plans during the annual open enrollment, which runs through March


Medicare and health savings accounts don’t mix

Unwary older workers can face tax penalties for funding an HSA after 65.


HSA fees drop, investment design shows improvement

Fund menus are important as financial advisers recommend clients invest HSA assets for the long term


Funding an HSA with an IRA

Although the ability to move funds from an IRA to an HSA is limited, it can be a valuable way to deploy IRA funds.


Medicare IRMAA surcharges to be adjusted for inflation in 2020

Indexing will slow the rise in Medicare premiums for some retirees.


Can HSAs flip the script on retirement health care expenses?

The accounts come with powerful tax advantages, but not many people use HSAs, and even fewer use them in the optimal manner.


When to buy Medigap insurance

Rise in Medigap premiums is outpacing Social Security's cost-of-living adjustment, and the disparity is likely to get worse in 2020.


Genworth, GE and Unum need to shore up long-term care business: report

Some financial advisers are wary of the possibility insurers will sell long-term-care blocks to private-equity firms or hedge funds.


GE plunges as Madoff accuser slams its accounting

Harry Markopolos estimates GE needs to boost reserves by $18.5 billion for long-term care insurance portfolio


Tech to help advisers plan for more years of healthcare costs in retirement

Helping clients manage money through longer lifespans is an increasing concern.


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