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WisdomTree adds blockchain infrastructure to ETF ecosystem

The asset manager led a $17.65 million round of funding in tech startup Securrency


Bond ETFs come of age

The $150 billion that flowed into bond exchange-traded funds in 2019 herald a new order


Controversial dual-class stocks get their own ETF

Exchange Traded Concepts will offer a fund that tracks companies that issue at least two types of shares


Vanguard eliminates trading fees for stocks and options

The move brings the low-cost asset manager up to speed with the likes of Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and ETrade


T. Rowe Price has a $1 trillion answer to claims stock-picking is dead

The asset manager’s focus on stock funds in retirement accounts has helped it flourish as peers have struggled


SoFi refunds investors for tax hit caused by proprietary ETFs

Action reminds one expert of SEC requirement regarding improper share classes.


Proposal for Bitcoin ETF withdrawn by Cboe, VanEck SolidX

The investment vehicle would only have been available to institutional investors


Goldman uses JPMorgan’s own tactics against it in ETF battle

Its acquisition of United Capital could play into Goldman's "bring-your-own-assets" strategy to build its ETF business


Best returns in August came from ETFs loved by gold bugs

Very low yields on bonds sent investors in search of alternative safe havens.

  • ESG
  • August 22, 2019

Vanguard social-investing error prompts funds to check controls

The mishap raises new questions about how ETF managers monitor the indexes that underlie their portfolios.


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