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Ohio National stokes adviser fears over annuity trail compensation

Advisers are concerned that Ohio National's "scorched-earth policy" may lead other insurers to take a similar action.


Providing incentives for annuities within retirement plans

To mature into a strong safety net, plans need to be able to deliver guaranteed lifetime income.


After Ohio National decision, the fine print of annuity trails is now a must-read

Broker-dealers are questioning Ohio National Financial Services' decision to terminate service agreements, and rest assured they will demand more commission protections in future contracts.


How Ohio National’s move may lead to ‘unscrupulous’ broker behavior with annuities

If other insurers also start to terminate VA trail commissions, brokers might opt to take upfront sales commissions instead and start churning their clients' annuities.


Ohio National to end brokerage arrangements, eliminate adviser compensation on variable annuities

Financial advisers say the move will leave their clients vulnerable and sets a bad industry precedent.


House approves retirement-savings bill that eases use of annuities in workplace plans

Supporters hope Senate will move similar legislation to increase chances in lame-duck session


Insurance executives push House to add annuity provision to tax reform bill

Insurance executives back measure making it easier to add lifetime income features to workplace savings plans.


Indexed annuity sales grow among wirehouses, independent broker-dealers

A product design that's more palatable to brokers and a bigger roster of familiar carriers have raised the product profile for brokers.


Fixed annuities are on a tear

Fixed annuities are positioned for a record year, with fixed-rate deferred and indexed annuities driving the growth.


Merrill Lynch takes two avenues with annuity commissions

Policy effectively creates a dual approach for Merrill's 17,000-plus advisers.


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