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VA sales strong in 2006; expected to remain robust

NEW YORK — As long as the stock market keeps rising, and baby boomers keep getting older, variable annuity sales should continue to be robust, industry observers say.


‘Probe and disturb’ viewed as key to one firm’s tactics

Nobody ever accused companies that push annuities on older Americans of being subtle.


Boomer assets draw Old Mutual to VA market

A life insurer known mainly for its fixed annuities has thrown its hat into the variable annuity ring.


Class action litigation looms as new hurdle for EIA insurers

Add class action litigation to the regulatory controversies, bad press and other woes plaguing insurers that sell equity index annuities.


Lifetime-guarantee annuities could end up biting insurers

Industry leaders are concerned that insurance companies are taking on too much risk from annuities that offer guaranteed-withdrawal benefits for the life of the client. Financial services leaders worry that if baby boomers live longer than projected or a downturn hits the market, the financial strength of insurance companies could be threatened.


VA industry unveiling electronic processing

A trade group for the variable annuity industry today announced a technology initiative intended to save time and money for VA distributors through streamlining and standardization.


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