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Cryptocurrency trading platform introduces SMAs for digital assets

SFOX hopes the SMA platform will help more financial advisers manage cryptocurrency assets on behalf of clients


Finra outlines questions firms must answer on Reg BI compliance

Regulator also highlights private placements, digital communications and bank sweeps as priorities


Wealthy investors steer billions toward new Trump tax break

Over the last month, there was a jump in the assets flowing into funds that employ the opportunity zone tax incentive


Wealthiest families are stockpiling cash

Amid recession fears, 42% of family offices around the world are increasing cash reserves.


The case against gold

Some advisers shun the precious metal, arguing that it's simply a trading vehicle.


Rich families pour wealth into ESG investments

More family offices are poised to integrate ESG and impact as millennial heirs inherit fortunes.


Millennials finally ready to invest sustainably

The 41% who said they have invested in companies or funds targeting positive social and environmental outcomes is close to the 47% who said they check product packaging to ensure sustainability.


Once again, GPB delays release of audited financial statements

After raising $1.8 billion, GPB fails to deliver information to investors.


How gold could replace bonds as a portfolio diversifier

Looking past the precious metal's volatile performance to its lack of correlation with other investments.


Time is running out on opportunity zones — but there’s limited choice

Federal tax breaks related to opportunity zones could boost an investment's gain by up to 50%, but that benefit starts to decline for clients who invest after this year.


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