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Chief compliance officers help drive growth at RIAs (Really!)

A well-seasoned CCO can help transform an RIA by bringing an objective and mindful stance to the typically sales-oriented decision-making at a firm


The danger of focusing on retirement plan participant outcomes

While some plan advisers talk about shifting their focus, few have changed their business models to reflect this new focus


The stretch IRA is dead

Advisers’ top 5 questions on how the new SECURE Act rules will work


Looking back on a year of great progress for our industry

Laws and rules passed by state legislators and regulators can have just as profound an impact on our industry as the measures that grab the headlines.


SECURE Act opens up planning opportunities for advisers

The measure will have wide-reaching effects on retirement and estate planning for most people


The secret to new business? Better communication with current clients

Advisers focusing more time and energy on existing clients can help generate referrals, according to YCharts data.


How proposals to tax more wages could boost Social Security benefits — or not

One possible way to improve the solvency of the Social Security system is to boost the amount of earnings subject to the payroll tax.


What the SECURE Act means for annuities

Measure's provisions are a big win for annuity providers and those who see the need for more lifetime income options in retirement plans.


The latest in financial adviser fintech — December 2019

This month's edition kicks off with the blockbuster news that Charles Schwab will be acquiring TD Ameritrade in 2020.


The greatest service we provide to clients

Where will investors turn for guidance during the next bear market?


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