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The stretch IRA is dead

Advisers’ top 5 questions on how the new SECURE Act rules will work


5 reasons to keep some funds in traditional IRAs, even for Roth IRA lovers

Clients can use traditional IRAs to realize tax benefits related to medical expenses, business losses and charitable contributions.


The perils of do-it-yourself IRA transactions

A $20,000 Roth conversion turns into a $2 million tax disaster, demonstrating why clients need advisers for critical IRA moves.


IRA trusts could become an estate planning disaster

If Congress eliminates the stretch IRA, advisers will have to rethink IRA trust planning.


What happens during the 60 days stays in the 60 days

IRA funds withdrawn and timely rolled back into the IRA are protected in bankruptcy — no matter what the funds were used for while outside the account.


5 things clients learned about Roth conversions this tax season

Advisers can use this information to begin planning for 2019


100% required minimum distributions

In some cases, the RMD is the entire IRA balance — or more!


Were any required minimum distributions missed last year?

Who is responsible, and what to do now that it's happened.


A younger spouse can lower required minimum distributions

If the IRA owner's spouse is more than 10 years their junior, the holder can use a different IRS table to calculate RMDs.


3 last-chance retirement moves for 2018

Complete rollovers, take care of qualified charitable distributions and be sure that all funds related to a lump-sum distribution have been withdrawn.


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