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Tax bill may change your clients’ health-care costs

Pay attention to new rules for the "individual mandate" requirement and the medical expense deduction floor.


What Medicare changes will mean for clients in 2017

By reevaluating supplemental and prescription drug coverages, Medicare enrollees can make up for premium increases.


Where will Medicare costs go in 2017?

There are some variables under clients' control that they can use to bring down their total Medicare costs.


My client’s Medicare coverage has been canceled, now what?

Some beneficiaries may receive a letter that says their policy will no longer be offered in 2017.


The alphabet soup of Medicare enrollment periods

It's essential to be familiar with the many varieties of Medicare enrollment periods so your clients can make the best choices.


Now is the time for an annual Medicare check-up

This is the time of year when everyone on Medicare can reevaluate features of their contracts to see if they're getting the best coverage at the best price.


Make Medicare easier by using auto pay

Auto payment can help limit the chance of coverage lapses and reinstatement penalties down the road.


How to optimize Medicare for those who have served in the military

Whether active duty, retired military or veteran, there are important points of intersection and interaction between Medicare and military health coverages.


Debunking the top myths and misconceptions about Medicare

Does Medicare cover long-term care? Is it as good as employer group insurance? Here are the answers to the top questions from advisers and clients.


Medicare, reverse mortgages and the complexities of retirement planning

There is a critical nexus between financial advising, tax planning and health care planning that is more and more important in today's world.


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