What does it mean when superstar breakaway brokers bolt again?

The decision by the Luminous team to leave First Republic could have far-reaching repercussions for the entire advice industry.


Does the SEC’s new interpretation of the investment adviser standard diminish it? Depends who you ask

Some observers say the language waters down the fiduciary standard, while others say the word choice is inconsequential.


Pennsylvania law requires multiple record keepers for 403(b), 457 plans

Advisers think the law, which goes into effect July 1, will result in higher costs for investors.


Forget the SEC advice rule — broker-dealers more concerned with CFP Board expanded fiduciary standard ​

CFP Board's updated code of ethics and standards goes live in October.


Fidelity building managed accounts platform

FMAX ties together Wealthscape technology, eMoney financial planning and investment management to rival TAMPs.


Advisers, experts either hate SEC advice reforms or love them

Reactions range from 'a major win' to 'a catastrophe.'


SEC final advice rule hearing updates

The compliance deadline for Reg BI for brokers is June 30, 2020.


SEC releases new details on investment advice reform package

Statement and fact sheet clarify four measures in the just-approved financial advice standards.


SEC reforms impose new requirements on brokers and advisers, but some argue not enough

New rules stress disclosure of conflicts, but fall short of creating a uniform fiduciary standard.


Investor advocates slam SEC advice reform on eve of Reg BI vote

Barbara Roper says the new regulations 'will mislead investors into expecting protections the rules do not deliver and deprive them of protections they currently receive.'


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