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Hedge fund industry’s unease with media is all too obvious

For more proof of the hedge fund industry’s uneasy relationship with the media, consider last week’s inaugural Connecticut…


A call to embrace tougher standards

Hedge funds may complain, but the Securities and Exchange Commission is on the right track in considering whether…


SEC dragging its heels on point-of-sale rule

The mission of the Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors, and maintain fair, orderly and efficient…


The SEC’s allegiance is put in doubt

The Securities and Exchange Commission has taken two steps that cast doubt upon whose side it’s on: individual…


Advisers best defense against misuse of ETFs

Exchange traded funds have boomed in the past few years. Last year, the number of ETFs climbed to…


SEC’s latest proposal makes no sense

The Securities and Exchange Commission continues to forge ahead in its quest to wrap some kind of regulatory lasso around the $1.2 trillion hedge fund industry. Why it is doing so isn’t entirely clear.


Home Depot makes the right moves

Corporate America received a dose of common sense when The Home Depot Inc. said that its new chief executive, Frank Blake, would be paid a fraction of what his predecessor was taking home.


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