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A more expansive future requires multiple pricing models

Charging fees based on assets under management is OK, but the modern financial advice business is starting to cut varied paths toward different pricing models that might be better both for clients and the overall industry.


Does the SEC really need to define ‘best interest’?

Now's the time for brokers and advisers to weigh in.


IPO filing could usher in new era of legitimacy for RIAs

It seems only natural that IPOs will be the next step.


No good reason not to support auto-enrollment retirement plans

55 million American workers without a workplace plan must have the opportunity to get that coverage and start investing. They aren't doing it on their own.


Financial schemes against seniors are most often committed by people closest to them

Advisers can — and should — take steps to discourage elder financial fraud.


Financial advisers must manage retirees’ aversion to risk with behavioral finance skills

Advisers should be ready to prepare older clients for an altered game plan.


It’s time to educate your clients, and yourself, about alternative investments

Advisers must know the benefits and pitfalls of common alts.


A pat on the back for progress, but Finra has a long way to go

Regulator has chalked up some welcome changes, but the work is not done.


SEC advice rule: Time for brokers, advisers to weigh in

Much work remains on the proposal, so feedback is crucial.


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