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'Selling away’ doesn’t mean the B-D is not ultimately responsible

Quest Capital was held responsible for non-client losses.


Savvy advisers, take a close look at the Roth IRA

Clients are looking for good news, and this could be the perfect year-end gift.


Don’t fear women. It’s bad for them and bad for business

A deeper look at men's anxiety in the midst of the #MeToo movement will clarify the situation and lead to a productive response. More:• In the wake of the #MeToo movement, men go to extremes and women pay the price• Are you serious, Wall Street? A response to some men's reaction to the #MeToo movement


Regulators have a sharp eye on IRA rollovers, so advisers must act cautiously

Financial advisers should discuss the pros and cons of a move with clients, and document their considerations.


Advisers must step up guidance on Medicare, as flubs are costly

Some clients may not even realize they're supposed to enroll.


Great change or gridlock? Under a bipartisan Congress, advisers will see change

Legislation to boost retirement savings might gain support.


Increase of enforcement cases against RIAs, advisers suggest compliance may need a boost

State actions against advisers outpaced those against brokers.


Understand where your firm’s growth is really coming from

The 2018 InvestmentNews Study of Pricing & Profitability shows a lot of advisers' success is tied to market gains, but there are ways to grow more reliably.


Investors, don’t lose sleep over the midterm elections

Historically speaking, the worst is behind us.


After Ohio National decision, the fine print of annuity trails is now a must-read

Broker-dealers are questioning Ohio National Financial Services' decision to terminate service agreements, and rest assured they will demand more commission protections in future contracts.


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