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Regulators must scrutinize advice by insurance agents

The insurance industry is largely regulated by states, and enforcement varies state-by-state.


Success of SEC advice reform will depend on industry actions

Codifying the idea of putting a client's best interest first into regulation is important.


Protecting client data is an ongoing obligation

Firms must perform due diligence on prospective providers.


Factor investing another step in the evolution of the adviser’s role

As advisers step farther away from stock-picking, their work guiding clients on the bigger financial picture becomes more important and their value potentially greater.


Financial crises require creative thinking, follow-through

Because after all, advisers are the most informed constituents to weigh in.


Finra plan to address unpaid arbitration award problem deserves fair hearing

The issue has been a problem for Finra — and investors — for a long time.


Finra tackles critical issue in assessing impact of innovation

These assessments and guidance can smooth the way for its member firms to make better-informed decisions about technology.


Criticism of Richard Thaler proposal must not prevent discussion

Having leading retirement thinkers instigate policy discussions on boosting retirement income could be our best hope to spark positive change.


Finra reminds brokerages of a client’s right to a straight answer

It's all about transparency: New guidance could help brokers on the move retain loyal clients.


Help parents plan early, realistically around their kids’ college costs

Advisers may not be college planning experts, but they should be helping clients and their children think things through.


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