Latest Opinion


On Advice

Senior columnist Bruce Kelly provides a behind-the-scenes look at firms, personalities and happenings in the financial advice industry.

On Retirement

Contributing editor Mary Beth Franklin breaks down Social Security, healthcare and other important retirement strategies financial advisers need to understand to take care of their clients.

On Social Media

Social media and engagement editor Scott Kleinberg shares adviser best practices for getting the most out of the social media time spent and connections made online.

On Technology

Technology reporter Ryan W. Neal offers analysis on the latest fintech products – including what actually works – and the biggest stories hitting the adviser technology world.

The Washington INsider

Senior reporter Mark Schoeff Jr. dissects the regulatory and legislative developments in the nation’s capital to ensure advisers are prepared for changes ahead.


The paper presents views and opinions on key issues facing the financial advice industry from the editors of InvestmentNews.

Numbers Game

InvestmentNews Research analyzes findings from their latest studies as well as data from around the financial advisory business to highlight useful stats and provide context for trends.



Outside voices and views for advisers

Duran Duran

Joe Duran, United Capital’s chief executive and founding partner, offers leadership advice and insights to help advisers manage their firms

Michael Kitces #FinTech

Financial planner, blogger and innovator Michael Kitces provides a roundup of the latest happenings in the financial technology space of importance to advisers.

On Recruiting

Veteran brokerage recruiter Danny Sarch offers his inside, candid point-of-view on movements in the broker-dealer industry.

Ask The Ethicist

Dan Candura, founder of the education and consulting firm Candura Group, answers readers’ questions on the ethical dilemmas financial advisers face.

The Limitless Adviser

Stephanie Bogan, CEO of consulting firm Educe Inc., breaks through advisers’ self-imposed limitations.

IRA Alert

Ed Slott tells you everything you need to know about individual retirement accounts.

Fiduciary Corner

Blaine F. Aikin, chief executive of fi360, sheds light on the latest issues facing fiduciaries.

Tax Planning

Experts highlight the tax issues every financial adviser should know.


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